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The Back Against the Wall (BATW) initiative guided by Jeremy 'Sobek' Harrison is focused on creating legal graffiti/street art walls to uplift underserved neighborhoods of Boston. BATW promotes opportunities for creativity to be sparked through visual expression for all residents to enjoy.

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Three years ago, the empty parking lot at the corner opposite the Grove Hall Library beckoned for color. In the spirit of graffiti, Sobek invited his friends to paint this 20 x 140 feet wall, alongside him. The residents in the neighborhood, in appreciation, allowed the gathering to continue into its second year with Sobek and his crew Flava Unit accepting the initiative.


Sobek's view on life is expressed in the art he has created. In its first iteration of Graffiti at Grove Hall, 2021, Sobek offered the at-risk community in Dorchester a space to grieve the losses experienced through gun violence, poor healthcare, continued systemic racism that the pandemic had magnified. His past work with at-risk youth influenced Sobek's next steps in forming his own group of young aerosol artists, Flava Unit. Sobek's vision is to educate future generations in the history and legacy of Graffiti to encourage an inspired future that serves the larger Boston community.


This year Graffiti at Grove Hall continues to serve as a community gathering to celebrate the art of graffiti and the artists who serve the legacy. The core of creativity is in moving from a place of joy. A shared human experience that artists attempt to capture consistently. As in his daily life, and in its current iteration, Sobek's vision of Graffiti at Grove Hall is focused on igniting a spark of this creative joy within all who come upon it.

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 Graffiti in Grove Hall.


Graffiti in Grove Hall

A year to commit; to the art form, the team, and the legacy of Boston's cultural movement. 



Graffiti in Grove Hall

The intention in the first year was to have a legal wall in Dorchester to celebrate the art of Graffing or Graffiti Writing. The art bringing color and interest hoped to inspire and create safety for the residents of the surrounding area. It was more. The participating aerosol artists came together in celebration of a friend, a local, who in turn was celebrating the life of a friend. The fresh paint and a vision of brotherhood that remained, welcomed new interest in community. Details in the article below.