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Jeremy ‘Sobek’ Harrison is Boston born and raised. Dorchester has always been home and Sobek accredits Mattapan Square for teaching him everything Hip Hop, especially Graffiti. Already a young illustrator, Sobek started learning aerosol and his love for arts enhanced, becoming his passion. His first Graffiti piece was painted in 98’ although he has been tagging since 97’. Sobek continues to merge his illustrations and Graffiti into large scale murals of aerosol abstract realism.


“My subject matter is nature with organic afro-futuristic Graffiti, depicting realism which often hints to a glimpse of the surreal.  I use aerosol to capture movement and life — making the spray can dance. Calculated imagery is complimented with the spontaneous sprays and movement of the spray can to the wall. Appreciating the roles every creature, large or small, has and their importance."

Sobek’s passion for the arts, youth and neighborhood has led him to start Back Against the Wall. This initiative helps the inner-city community make their words and self-portraits visible on a larger scale, encouraging the positive power of words and familiar faces. 

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A special thanks to Artists for Humanity for the opportunity to be part of their open studio event. Thank you to Tuk Tak Studios for their guidance and support. As well as friends, family and community who came out to celebrate the aerosol works of Sobek. The exhibit will hang until March 31st, 2024. Stop by AFH and check it out!

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(L to R) Marguerite Wynter, Michael Berthaud, Nelly Kate, Sarah Brophy, Sobek, Jasper Sanchez

After a historic 70+ applications and a strenuous jury process, Now + There is thrilled to congratulate the four jury-selected artists who are set to shake up Boston with their bold, open, and smart public artworks. Ranging from video game development to mural work, we cannot wait to see what they’ll create in 2024!

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